Mixes: DJ Vice “Inception the Mix” and Inception Music Festival

DJ Vice is the sole reason I started listening to and loving open format club music. I saw him in Dallas in 2006 at a little spot called Suite. The owner was celebrating his birthday and flew Vice in from Vegas. It was really the first time I had been introduced to bottle service as well. Texas wasn’t really doing that back then. It was when club owners would hit Vegas or Miami and come back with fresh ideas that all this cool music started coming that way. It’s when going out became more than just a fun night with friends but a full on memorable experience and changed the way I felt about music. I’m not sure I’ve ever told Vice that but he’s a major reason I love this scene.

No better way to brand yourself than to completely become the brand and Vice has done it in every which way. This mix was created for one of his latest ventures with and Inception Music Festival is the ultimate party line up in Cancun, Mexico for Spring Break and the cool thing about this festival is that it goes on for 30 strait days in March. That is nuts! Shah Entertainment is responsible for the talent. They have booked such names as Fashen, Danny Avila, Hardwell, Tiesto and of course Vice. Tickets are not that bad a premium 7 day OPEN BAR pass is going for $329. You can book hotel and flight accomodations through Student City and your set.

Wow. What an awesome concept. Dream away y’all.

You can grab more info about Inception Music Festival and the lineup here.

Oh and my favorite song¬†Young Forever¬†makes it’s way on this mix. God, I love you Vice.


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